The Curse of Anubis


By: J. Raven Wilde

I had been the assistant curator of my uncle’s museum for a few years now, so I should’ve known what to do with the contents inside the package he sent me; a beautiful, very old necklace. But, instead, the magic it was laced with lured me to put it on. The bad part was that it refused to come off and now my nights are plagued with dreams of the god of the underworld until they became a reality.

Knowing I wasn’t meant to wear his necklace, Anubis decided to help me search for the one who had sent it to me. In the meantime, I was to stay in the duat, with him, under his protection. However, the duat wasn’t meant for a mortal, and it was driving me mad that I tried escaping.

The only other option for me, to help accept my fate, was to become his mistress. I didn’t want to accept Anubis’s proposal, but I found myself falling for the god of the dead. Until someone from my past, a memory that had been wiped from my mind showed up with other plans for me.

Publisher's Note: The Curse of Anubis is the third book in The Mummy's Curse three-book mini-series. Reading order is: The Mummy's Curse, The Sorcerer's Curse, and The Curse of Anubis.

This book contains an alpha male romance and will have many explicit adult scenes that will leave you hot and bothered. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

The Mummy's Curse Mini-Series

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