The Sorcerer's Curse



J. Raven Wilde

Things were going well for me and Serkhet, or so I thought. I had graduated from college and received my bachelor’s degree, which was a momentous occasion, but it was trumped by Serkhet’s second marriage proposal. This time, it was more romantic. I was glowing with happiness, but it didn’t last long. Everything started to go downhill after Serkhet asked for us to move to Egypt. Maybe he was just homesick. But I started to notice things. I thought the curse was broken or maybe I was just starting to see who Serkhet really was. Then, I met a man who calls himself the sorcerer. He offered me a chance to change events in my past, putting me on a different path. A way to alter my future. Would Serkhet go back to being the man I knew him as, or would I decide to take the sorcerer’s offer?


Publisher'sNote: The Sorcerer's Curse is the second book in The Mummy's Curse three-book mini-series.  


This book also contains an MFM menagerie romance and will have many explicit adult scenes that will leave you hot and bothered. If such material offends you, do not buy this book. 

The Mummy's Curse Mini-Series

Book One

Book Three

The Mummy's Curse Mini-Series box set is now available on Amazon.

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