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About Twisted Crow Press

Twisted Crow Press

Twisted Crow Press is an LLC that is currently owned and managed by author Jennifer N. Adams as a small independent publisher for herself and for her pen name, J. Raven Wilde.

If you have any questions or comments, please fill out your information in the contact box.

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When is the second book in the Sanctuary Series coming out?

When J Raven Wilde is finished with it.

Why is it taking so long? 

She has been dealing with some health issues, but she is working on it whenever she can. She has talked about it in detail in her Facebook group Wilde Raven's Steamy Reads.  

Are you planning on adding more books to the Sanctuary Series?

Yes, she has started working on a third book so it will come out soon after book two.

Do you have any other shifter/were books?

Yes, we have a few published already under J Raven Wilde's name. Two of them are in the Deerskin Peaks Series. She plans to write quite a few more in this series, as well as in the Sanctuary Series and in another series yet to be named.

When is the next book in the Supernatural Realms Series going to be available?

Hopefully, it will be available very soon. Jennifer is working on it as much as she can. 

Are you accepting any manuscripts by other authors right now?

No, not at this time. We had decided to work with another author to get her started, but we aren't taking any more clients.

Do you publish books in paperback?

Most of our books were published during the pandemic when ebooks were selling and paperbacks were not so, the majority of our books are in ebook form. We do have one book, Supernatural Realms: Chaos, by Jennifer N. Adams that is in paperback. We are currently working on publishing the rest of our catalog -- as well as all future books -- to be available in paperback, as well as ebook. 

Will you consider turning your books into audiobooks?

Yes. It is something that is in the works, along with adding paperback and large print.

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