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His Orders


By: J. Raven Wilde

Sergeant Nicole Massey: All I wanted to do was ride out the last year of my enlistment and go back to being a civilian again. I had served four of my five years and was done with the never-ending dominant male authority in each command I served under. I had transferred to a new command where it seems that I had caught the attention of my commanding officer, Colonel Riley Lang. Now, it seems as if he has plans for how I should spend my last year and I couldn’t say no as he had ordered me not to disobey him. 


Colonel Riley Lang: I thought I was doing Sergeant Massey a favor by pulling her away from infantry and putting her on desk duty. She didn’t seem to be enjoying her time spent as a grunt and I needed someone to replace my secretary that had transferred. The moment she reported for duty; I knew I had made a mistake. I had never lusted over anyone under my command, but the way she fights to hold her tongue and hearing her call me sir stirs the dominant in me. She says she only has a year left in her enlistment. I am going to make it a year she’ll remember and that’s an order.


His Orders is a forbidden military romance about a hot older man and a sexy younger woman that contains some very steamy scenes that will leave you hot and bothered, yet satisfied. It is a standalone novel. No Cliffhangers. No cheating. And it is guaranteed Happily Ever After!

Release Date: 2 February 2020

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