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Pink Sugar

Professional Services

We understand how important it is to have someone look over your work before sending it off to be published. You want your book to sell and receive multiple positive reviews.

We will accept manuscripts of up to 150,000 words in Microsoft Word doc ONLY.


Though we would rather read romance, SciFi, and Fantasy, most genres are accepted. If you have a manuscript with questionable topics included (rape culture and non-con), please message us as it is possible that it will not be accepted. If it does not meet Amazon's publishing policy, then we will not accept it.


$100 (14 Days)

  1. An honest report on how well your characters and world-building are

  2. A list of any grammatical errors and typos

  3. I will tell you which areas to improve on

  4. Which areas flow well

  5. And what does not work well in the story

Writing Coach


(1 hour Zoom meeting)

Whether you are looking for advice on writing or assistance in getting your story written, writing a book shouldn't be that hard or stressful. Allow me to help you tap into your creativity and get those creative juices flowing. 


$200 (18 Days)

You'll receive two versions of your manuscript, one with track changes and inline comments on where required changes are noted, and the other is the completely polished version.


$250 (22 Days)

This is a combined service and the most perferred option.

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