The Road I've Traveled


By: Jennifer N. Adams


The Road I’ve Traveled is a compilation of poems and short stories Jennifer wrote during moments of her life where she felt the need to get it all out. She writes about being in the Navy during the tragedies of 9/11, having to deploy to New York where she and her shipmates stayed in New York’s harbor for three weeks, guarding the coastline in hopes of preventing any further attacks.

She writes about loss, love, heartbreak, family. You can see the fondness she had for her grandfather as she includes a heartfelt eulogy she had written moments after his passing.

She also writes about being a single mom, as well as a mom to a child who is on the autism spectrum. The journey they have endured together has been bumpy, but they continue to plow through life, learning about autism and sensory processing disorder as they go.

Becoming an Indie Author:

A Guide on Self-Publishing and

Marketing Your Book 


By: Jennifer N. Adams


The world of self-publishing can be nerve-racking to those just starting out. Whether you are a first-time author, or a traditional author looking to make a switch into being independently published, Becoming an Indie Author is a two-part book to help lead you on your way to becoming a successful indie author.

Becoming an Indie Author also includes motivational tidbits and helpful tips to assist you through your writing journey, choosing the right print-on-demand publisher, as well as a resourceful amount of information on how to build your author platform and market your book in a way that will help boost your sales.

Becoming an Indie Author is the first book in the Indie Authorpreneur Series.

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