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Desiree DeWinter

Desiree DeWinter lives in the south, where she enjoys writing naughty little stories with your dirty little self in mind. So, keep your pants on, or don’t, because she has many more filthy stories to share with you.

Content Warning

Desiree's stories are fictional, very explicit (very spicy), forbidden, and taboo. You must be 18 years old to read them.


Everyone in her stories is of legal age; they are consenting adults and are not blood-related. Some of Desiree's stories include spanking, roughness, toy usage, FMC's first time, threesomes, M/M, and F/F. Most of the relationships in her stories are of an older male and a younger female (age-gap romance). Some of the characters are step-family and former step-family. If any of this kind of material offends you, please do not buy it.

Due to the nature of the content in Desiree's books, not all of them will be found on Amazon. They are considered too taboo. However, you can still click on the Buy button to be taken to the distributor that publishes her stories.

You can find Desiree DeWinter on Amazon, Ream Stories, SubscribeStar, and Eden's Books. 

Man of the House Series

Show me how.jpg
right there.jpg
taunting (1).jpg

Taboo Age-Gap and Forbidden Romance Series

DDW Completely Unexpected.jpg
DDW My Secret Admirer.jpg

Hot and Steamy Holiday Series

santa's naughty list.jpg
santa's naughty girl.jpg
Christmas Cherry2.jpg
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Eating Her Christmas Cookie.jpg
Coming Soon

Hot and Steamy Halloween Series

Craving her Biker.jpg
Eating His Pumpkin.jpg
Giving Her a Treat.jpg
Coming Soon

Interracial Romance BMWW Series

The Mech.jpg
The Neighbor.jpg
Coming Soon

The Hot and Bothered Series

Hot Fireman DDW.jpg
My Dad’s Hot BFF.jpg
Her Hot Neighbor.jpg
Coming Soon

The Brides of Crescent Falls Series

The Ritual updated cover.jpg

Bratty Littles Series

All Alone DDW.jpg
Working Out.jpg
Coming Soon to Eden's Books & Ream Stories
Dr Daddy Is In.jpg
Coming Soon to Eden's Books & Ream Stories

Series Bundles

D2D Hot and Steamy.jpg
D2D Man of the House.jpg

Coming Soon


The Man of the House Series

Craving Her Stepdad (2025)

Teach Me, Stepdaddy (2025)

My Stepdad the Professor (2025)


Taboo Age-Gap and Forbidden Romance Series

My Secret Admirer (2024)

Completely Spoiled (2025)

Silver Fox Daddies Series

Seducing Her Boss (2025)


Hot and Bothered Series 

Her Hot Older Neighbor (2024)

Hot and Steamy Halloween

Giving Her a Big Treat (2024)

Bewitching Her Dad's BFF (2024)

Her Boo's Dad (2024)

University of Lust (Taboo Age-Gap, Professor/Student Romance Series)


Campus Cravings (2024)

Hot For Teacher (2024)

Dirty Professor (2025)


Hot and Steamy Holidays


Taking Her Christmas Cherry (2024)

Stuffing His Pumpkin (2024)

Eating Her Christmas Cookie (2024) 

Naughty and Nice (2025)

A Banging Good Christmas (2025)

Taking the Brat for Christmas (2025)


The Step-Dad's Club

Ruining Jane (2024)

Disciplining Maggie (2024)

Pleasuring Sophia (2024)

Teaching Jamie (2025)

Dominating Marcie (2025)

Bratty Littles Series

Dr. Daddy Is In Now (2024)

Sneaking Around With Daddy (2024)

Working Out With Daddy (2024)

Punished by My Uncle (2024)

Daddy's Brat (2025)

Big Daddy Series

Taking Care of His Stepdaddy (2025)

His First Daddy (2025)

Their First Daddy (2025)

Interracial Romance BMWW

The Neighbor (2024)

The Plumber (2024)

The Landlord (2024)

The Artist (2025)

The Trainer (2025)

The Coach (2025)

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