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Falling for the Rancher


By: J. Raven Wilde

With only one semester of college left, Maisy should have been excited, but she was filled with doubt. What was she going to do after graduation? Had she picked the right courses to study? Would she find a good job in her chosen career field? Maisy knew she needed to work between semesters, but she needed a break from the overcrowded, ever-busy city just as much.

Following a classmate’s suggestion, Maisy took a short trip to the countryside and found employment on a ranch. The fresh air, quietness, and wide-open spaces were refreshing, and the people were friendly. Maisy found everything she needed to clear her mind. But what she didn’t expect to find was a boss who stirred feelings in her. Would she be able to fight the attraction? Or would she find herself falling for the rancher?

Publisher's Note: Falling for the Rancher is a steamy short story with a HEA ending.

Falling for the Cowboy.jpg

Falling for the Cowboy
By: J. Raven Wilde

Twenty-three-year-old Grace has successfully completed her junior year of college and is well on her way to finishing her last year. However, there are a few things that stand in her way. One, she needs to find a summer job that pays well enough to help see her through her last two semesters and two, she needs to get away from her parent’s house.

She finally finds the perfect job and gets an interview, but she just has one problem. The interviewer happens to be one hot cowboy and the boss, but, he doesn’t think the job is for her. How will she convince him she’s the one he’s looking for?

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